our story

It all started with Giuliano, a guy who was a passionate biker from a young age. He loved downhill, pump track, dirt jump, and free ride. But when he went to university, he had to put his biking on hold. During his university days, he started his corporate career as a treasurer for a global company, learning a lot about finance and business. But he wasn't really happy with that life.
So, he decided to pack up and move to Australia to get back to the lifestyle he loved. The eastern suburbs seemed like the perfect place to do that. From day one, he fell in love with Bondi's vibe and decided to settle down there. Thanks to his bike skills, within a month, he found a job at an electric bike shop as a mechanic and salesman.

Living in Bondi, he noticed that the area desperately needed better ways to get around. Traffic and parking were a real headache. Then, one day, he came across a report from Waverley Council that dropped a surprising nugget of information: half of all trips in Waverley LGA could be done by bike in just 10 minutes. Additionally, the bike service available in the neighborhood fell short of what the locals deserved, which could explain why biking wasn't a popular choice.

That got him thinking. Why not open his own bike shop? He reached out to his buddy Yuri, who had been working on bikes for the past 10 years. With his background in electrics and a heart as big as a mountain, Yuri seemed like the ideal guy for the job. Together, they got to work fixing bikes in Giuliano's garage.

With positive feedback pouring in from customers and demand growing, they had this bright idea: "Why not open a shop front to take our customer service to the next level?". So they brought in Diego, a friend from Giuliano’s university days who had been living in Australia for a while. Diego had tons of retail experience and extensive knowledge of nowadays technologies. He easily accepted the challenge and helped them refine their project.

They scraped together just $7,000 to buy a few tools, a pair of accessories to sell, and only 2 weeks of rent. And On 06th June 2020, right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bondi Bike Shop was opened in a tiny 35-square-meter shop on Bondi Road.

The first shop was so small that they could only serve one customer at a time. So, they poured all their energy into providing the best service possible. Humble beginnings but with the big dream of becoming the bike shop that Bondi deserved 🙂

Their hard work paid off, and in just one year, they moved to a larger shop on Oxford Street, tripling their space and making it even better for their customers. Since then, Bondi Bike Shop actively embraced initiatives aligned with its mission of changing lives for better by getting people on bikes.

From Nov 2021 and Jun 2022, Bondi Bike Shop teamed up with the biggest electric bike store in Australia to expand their electric bike offerings. The partnership was a success for both brands and they still keep a great relationship

In March 2023, they joined forces with Waverley Council to launch the Bondi Junction cycleway, offering free tune-ups to the cyclists In return of what the community did for us

In June 2023, they organized the first-ever Bondi rider meetup, with over 30 people riding from Bondi to the CBD to raise awareness about great riding conditions and the new cycleway.

July 2023 marked the start of Bondi Bike Shop's rental services, driven by popular demand from the locals. And within the first month, they already had 30 bikes cruising around the eastern suburbs.

Now, in November 2023, Bondi Bike Shop is hitting three major milestones: 1. They're launching their new online shop to broaden product access. This online store was carefully crafted with input from customer over the last 3 years addressing their bike-buying struggles, focused on helping them to find the perfect bike for their unique needs. 2. They're one of the four finalists in the Waverley LGA Business Awards in the "Best Retail" category, competing against over 10,000 other businesses. 3. Bondi Bike Shop is giving the brand a fresh look to better connect with those interested in the easy and breeze Bondi Lifestyle. It's been an incredible ride so far, but it is just the beginning. Bondi Bike Shop invites you to embrace the easy and breeze Bondi Lifestyle no matter where you are. Your body, mind, and the city will all be grateful for your choice. Welcome to Bondi Bike Shop, where riding is more than a journey; it's a way of life.



Our mission is to inspire an active, more sustainable and happier lifestyle, by encouraging more frequent biking. We achieve this by creating a comprehensive ecosystem that supports our customers at every stage of their biking journey.


We have a clear vision of the future we're working towards. In Sydney, 52% of all car trips could be made by bike within 10 minutes and We see a world where people fully understand the potential of biking for covering those short to medium distances. In this vision, Bondi Bike Shop takes center stage as a pivotal player in a transformative movement.