Discover the power of throttle e-bikes at Bondi Bikes. Explore our extensive range of throttle electric bikes, offering exceptional control and happy rides.

At Bondi Bikes, we provide different biking experiences with our brilliant range of throttle e-bikes. We assure you your ride is not just for travelling but a seamless experience.

Understanding Throttle E-Bikes

The throttle in the e-bike is not just a standard feature; it is a revolution in electric biking. This system allows riders to control the bike’s speed effortlessly with a twist or press. Bondi Bikes’ throttle e-bikes offer riders extra thrust, making climbing uphill not as tough as you think.

Advantages of Throttle E-bikes

Reasons to choose Throttle E-bike at Bondi Bikes

Our Range of Throttle E-Bikes for Sale

Bondi Bikes has an extensive range of throttle e-bikes designed to suit preferences. We take pride in sleek designs, intuitive throttle controls, and powerful motors, ensuring a memorable riding experience every time.

Whether you are someone who loves to navigate through the busy streets or someone who loves to do off-road biking, then our throttle electric bikes are the best thing to buy. Each model is crafted carefully with the latest technology for optimal performance.

Explore the massive range of throttle electric bikes at Bondi Bikes and experience the freedom of riding. Visit our store today and discover the best electric bike that suits your lifestyle.

Road Rules for Throttle Usage in NSW and Australia

Throttle e-bikes in New South Wales (NSW) and across Australia must comply with specific road rules:
An electrically power-assisted cycle must have a maximum continued rated power of up to 500 watts. This power output must be progressively reduced as the bicycle’s speed increases beyond 6 km/h.

The power assistance must be cut off when:

1. The bicycle reaches a speed of 25 km/h.

2. The rider stops pedaling and the speed exceeds 6 km/h.

By adhering to these road rules, riders can enjoy the benefits of throttle e-bikes safely and responsibly.


It depends on person to person. If you ride a lot, you can go for throttle e-bikes.
Throttles are usually of two types in e-bikes: thumb throttle and Twist Throttle.
The throttle gives you an instant boost in acceleration when you are tired of pedalling your ride.
A half-twist throttle is slightly better than full twists regarding accidental engagement.
The half-twist throttle is one of the most efficient throttles in e-bikes.
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