Service BBS TUNE UP BBS – Kids service BBS Standard CARGO DUAL BBS GOLD
Safety Check
Brakes Tuned
Gears Tuned
Lubricate Drive train
All bolts tightened and checked
Pedals tighten
Lubricate gear cables
Quick Wipedown (superficial)
Tyres Pumped
General Wipe down
Chain Check
Derailleur hanger check
Spoke tensions checked
Headset inspected and adjusted
Full drive train degreased and tuned
Frame and component inspection
Road test
Axle Checked
Bottom bracket inspected and adjusted
WAX Lubricant drive train (optional)
Wheel trued and Spoke tensioned
Wheel Hubs checked and adjust
Links checked to the specific torque


Service Any Service (Tune up / Kids / Standard / Cargo / Dual) Gold Services
brake inner Cable install $15
gear inner Cable install $20
gear outer Cable install $15
Brake Pad replacement on one side $20
Brake Pad replacement on both sides $35
Tyre and tube change $20
Bar tape install $40
Brake bleeding $45
Wheel truing minor (max 3 spokes) $35
Wheel truing major (4+ spokes) $55
Internal cable install $40
Hot chain wax $35
Brake Calliper Replacement $25
Disc Rotor Install $20
Derailleur Alignment $30