How It Works: Workshop Assessment Service

Welcome to our Workshop Assessment Service! Here's a step-by-step guide on how it works:
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1. Assessment Fee:

For any type of electrical service, we charge an upfront assessment fee of $75. This fee covers a comprehensive assessment of the faulty part.

2. Thorough Assessment:

Our skilled electric specialist will carefully assess the issue with the electrical part, utilizing their expertise to diagnose the problem. They will then compile a detailed report outlining the issue and whether it can be fixed. If a repair is possible, they will also provide a service quote.

3. Quote and Assessment Report:

You will receive a quote that includes the assessment report. This quote outlines the nature of the issue, the recommended repair, and the associated costs.

4. Deduction from Final Price:

If you choose to proceed with the recommended electrical service and agree to the quote, the $75 assessment fee will be deducted from the final service price. This means you'll only pay for the actual repair work done.

5. No Service Proceeding:

If you decide not to proceed with the service after receiving the assessment report and quote, or if our electric specialist determines that there is no way to fix the faulty part, Bondi Bike Shop will retain the $75 assessment fee. This fee compensates for the time and expertise invested by our electric specialist in diagnosing the issue.

Unsure About Your Service Needs?

If you're unsure whether your bike requires a minor service, general service, or electrical service, please let us know when filling out the booking form. Our team will guide you to the right service for your needs.