How Minor Services Works

Minor services at Bondi Bike Shop are designed to address specific bike issues without the need for a full assessment. These services are efficient and cost-effective for common bike maintenance needs. Here's how it works:

Common Minor Services:

For a list of our most common minor services,


. Our prices are based on $30 per 15-minute block, excluding the cost of parts., but actual costs may vary depending on the job and your bike model. Our team will inform you of the approximate cost and whether a pre-assessment is required.


Let's say you need a tube replacement. This service typically takes around one 15-minute block, so the cost would be $30 (excluding the cost of the tube). However, for more complex tube replacements (such as motor wheel / fat tires / etc), the pricing may differ and will be based on the number of 15-minute blocks required.

Pre-Assessment and Upfront Fee:

In some cases, particularly for more complex or specialized services, we may require a pre-assessment to determine the scope of the work needed and provide an accurate cost estimate. In such instances, we may charge an upfront fee for the assessment, which will be applied toward the final service cost.

Varied Service Times:

Different bike models may require varying amounts of time for specific services. Our team is here to help you understand the pricing better and provide estimates based on your unique requirements.

Unsure About Your Service Needs?

If you're unsure whether your bike requires a minor service, general service, or electrical service, please let us know when filling out the booking form. Our team will guide you to the right service for your needs and provide an estimate based on the number of 15-minute blocks required and your bike.

At Bondi Bike Shop, we're here to make bike maintenance easy and convenient. Our minor services are a quick and cost-effective way to keep your bike in great shape. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us.