Warranty Policy

At Bondi Bike Shop, we stand behind the quality and performance of our bikes. We want our customers to enjoy their cycling experience to the fullest. To provide you with peace of mind, all of our bikes are covered by Australian consumer warranty and manufacturer warranty. We work diligently to maintain excellent relationships with our suppliers to ensure you receive the best warranty support possible.

Australian Consumer Warranty:

As an Australian retailer, we adhere to the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), which grants certain rights and protections to consumers. Under ACL, your rights may include the following:

1. Consumer Guarantees:

- Our bikes are covered by guarantees under the ACL, which include guarantees of acceptable quality, fit for purpose, and matching the description. If a bike is found to have a major fault, you may be entitled to a refund, replacement, or repair.

2. Repairs and Replacements:

- If your bike experiences a fault or defect that is not caused by misuse or normal wear and tear, you may be eligible for repairs or replacement, depending on the circumstances.

3. Manufacturer Warranty:

- Our bikes come with manufacturer warranties that vary by brand and model. These warranties are provided by the respective manufacturers and may include coverage for specific components or defects.

- The details and duration of manufacturer warranties can differ, so we encourage you to refer to the warranty information provided by the manufacturer for your specific bike.

Warranty Support:

We are committed to assisting you in the event you encounter any issues covered by warranty. If you believe your bike is eligible for warranty support, please follow these steps:

1. Contact Us:

Reach out to our customer support team with details of the issue you are experiencing. We will guide you through the warranty process and provide instructions on how to proceed.

2. Proof of Purchase:

Please have your proof of purchase ready, as it will be required to validate your warranty claim.

3. Manufacturer Warranty:

If your issue falls under the manufacturer warranty, we will work closely with the manufacturer on your behalf to ensure a swift resolution.

4. Repair or Replacement:

Depending on the circumstances and the type of warranty coverage, we will arrange for repairs or a replacement as per the warranty terms

Please note that warranties do not cover damage or issues resulting from misuse, neglect, accidents, damage caused by incorrect assembly, modifications, or normal wear and tear. NOTE: Failure to properly assemble the bike or adjust the parts is not covered under warranty. In such cases, if you decide to ask a third-party technician (e.g. a bike shop) to make the assembly or do the parts adjustment for you, fees incurred will not be covered under our warranty.

Water damage is not covered by warranty

At Bondi Bike Shop, your satisfaction and confidence in your purchase are of utmost importance to us. We are dedicated to providing you with reliable bikes and exceptional support, ensuring your cycling experience is enjoyable. If you have any questions or require assistance with a warranty claim, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

ACL Requirement

Consumer Guarantees:

Consumer guarantees are fundamental rights that consumers in Australia are entitled to under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). These guarantees ensure that when you purchase goods or services, they meet certain standards of quality and performance. The key consumer guarantees include: